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威廉希尔中文网站-威廉希尔官方网站唯一正版入口-英国威廉希尔娱乐 is suitable for adding in dry powder mortar, dispersible latex powder, putty powder and dry powder coating. It plays the role of lubrication and heat preservation and light construction in construction. It can effectively solve the problem of the quick construction of putty powder and thermal insulation mortar, and the problem of construction roll over. Its appearance is white powder and can be dissolved quickly in cold water. Nowadays, more and more enterprises attach great importance to it, and experts in the industry strongly recommend it. All products sold throughout the country are welcome to sample and order.

Product characteristics :

 1. Less amount of addition   :

The reference ratio of dry mortar and putty powder is about 0.2~0.3 kg / ton. 

The reference ratio of dry powder coating is about 0.3~0.5 kg / ton

The reference ratio of latex powder and building glue is about 1~2 kg / ton.

2. Green environmental protection

Innocuous, harmless and pollution-free

3. Good stability

It is a non-ionic polymer with strong acid and alkali resistance. It will not react with other materials in the component.

4. Easy to use

It is quickly dissolved in cold water with good dispersibility, precipitates and granular impurities.

5. Good leveling property and can improve the construction performance

It can effectively improve the construction lubricity of dry powder materials and improve the moisture retention of dry powder materials.

We are devoted to the study of coating formula for 29 years. We have a number of mature formulations of paint technology, produce and sell the putty powder and mortar special rubber powder developed by ourselves. At the same time, it produces all kinds of paint mixer equipment to provide one-stop service for customers.

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  • 威廉希尔中文网站-威廉希尔官方网站唯一正版入口-英国威廉希尔娱乐


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