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808 Instant glue powder 

"Zhongqing" brand 808 building glue powder, the glue powder is a polymer, the appearance is white powder, easy to dissolve in water, suitable for the production of 821 putty powder in neutral engineering, construction light, no skin, easy to wear, at the same time, can be used in the production of building glue, cold water instant, low cost.

Package: compound film bag. Net weight: 25KG/bag

Quality guarantee period:  One year, if the shelf life is exceeded, no block caking can continue use. 

Attention: After open, the unused glue powder must be sealed to avoid air contact and damp.

We are devoted to the study of coating formula for 29 years. We have a number of mature formulations of paint technology, produce and sell the putty powder and mortar special glue powder developed by ourselves. At the same time,we produces all kinds of paint mixer equipment to provide one-stop service for customers.

Technology support:

Buy glue powder to produce putty we provide "RIRIXIN trademark", and free training of inner wall ordinary putty, inner wall waterproof putty powder, ordinary wall waterproof putty powder, exterior wall anti cracking putty powder, dry powder porcelain imitation paint, dry powder toughened coating, exterior wall waterproof putty powder, porcelain tile refurbishing putty powder and exterior wall insulation bonded sand. Slurry ceramic tile binder, gypsum bond, putty paste, plaster mortar, dry powder 108 building glue formula, ordinary building glue and other dozens putty formula and detailed production technology. 

  • 25KG:500
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