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automatic metering dry powder and granular materials.

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Putty powder mortar powder computer controll package machine 


1. Automatic microcomputer control, intelligent identification, high sensitivity, stable performance, strong anti-interference ability, weighing standards

2. The new design reduces the wearing parts infinitely, which not only reduces the maintenance cost, but also improves the production efficiency.

3. Automatically realize the functions of packing bags, such as compression, filling, loosening, closing and dropping. It is stable in performance and easy to operate.

4. The whole machine is all sealed and equipped with a dust removal port. The structure is reasonable and durable.

5. The packing machine can be made up of 4-6 sets on one machine.

Automatic weighing and valve mouth packing machine has high degree of automation, computer intelligent automatic identification and simple operation. It can complete the packaging production process only by workers' insert bag (no need manual push valve gate),  reduce the labor intensity of workers, and greatly reduce the production process. Low production cost and high production efficiency. All the technical indicators of the machine meet the requirements of the national standard. It is widely used in automatic metering filling of various dry powder and granular materials.

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