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produce dry powder mortar, masonry mortar, adhesive mortar, crack resistant mortar, mortar king,wall putty powder, plastering gypsum. ceramic tile adhesive

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ATC dry mortar mixer  putty powder mixer

The production line contains feed-mixing-storage-metering-packaging. widely used in the production of various dry powder mortar, such as masonry mortar, adhesive mortar, crack resistant mortar, mortar king, inside and outside wall putty powder, plastering gypsum. ceramic tile adhesive, sealing agent and dry powder chemical materials mixing. 


1. Automatic, reasonable design of equipment, excellent performance, simple operation, low maintenance cost, effective production, labor saving and lower production cost.

2. The mortar with fiber ingredients, it can effectively solve the problem of fiber dispersion in polymer dry mortar. Its is stable, high efficiency, mixing uniform, no dead angle.

3. It is less investment, quick effect, small footprint and simple operation. 2-4 people can operate, and the daily output (8 hours) is 5-16 tons.

4. It is reasonable price, high performance, and low maintenance cost. It has helped many customers successfully occupy the building materials market.




Overall size

5.5M 1.2M 3.55M

                    Mixer data

storage data



Storage Size

height3.2M diameter1.3M


1.8Cubic metre

   Storage converyor


Mixer size

2.2M 1M 1.75M

Motor power


Feeding diameter


Package machine


Motor power


Mix time



1. Installation:  machinery placed stable, machine feet flat. 

2. Before use, please add oil to the refueling place, and then empty running machine to check whether the fasteners are loose, the electrical is normal, the machinery is running normally, if there are abnormal,  do repair and debug.

3. Feeding amount can not exceed the specified weight. It is strictly prohibited to fully loading. Close the charging cover and start the machine to run. If there is any abnormality, it must be shut down for inspection.

4. Clean in time. change material must rinse the hopper inside and outside.

5.  Forbidden to start or stop machine on heavy loading, If necessory,  please open the emergency exit and empty or release half of the material.

Annual regular technology formula training:

1、Latex paint(economic paint, engineering paint, interior wall odorless paint, bamboo charcoal paint and other popular products).

2、Natural Real Stone Paint (low to senior grade, including color matching)
3、Diatom mud production technology and construction process
4、Floor tile adhensive production and construction process
5、K11 water proof and JS water proof
6、Water-based stone like paint
7、Glazed micro bead insulation mortar and plaster mortar, adhesive mortar
8、Plastering gypsum
9、Inner and outer wall putty powder
10、Sealant technology
11、Mortar king and liquid mortar King technology

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