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It is widely used to mix dry powder mortar, dry powder, putty powder, mortar, ceramic tile adhesive  coatings, waterproof materials, chemical industry, ceramics, refractories and other industries.

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Double outlet computerized metering powder mixer

Brief introduction:

This dry powder mixer is horizontal U-shaped bucket with movable door at the bottom of the cylinder which make it easy to clean up,   Mixing mode with double spiral ribbon. During the convection process, the two material streams permeate each other and change position to mix. The two sides roll and mix.  Mixing has no lump, no dead angle, fast mixing speed and high uniformity. Equiped with lifting conveyor, feed port build in ground, convenient feeding. The whole machine runs smoothly, has low noise, long service life and is easy to install. It is widely used to mix dry powder mortar, coatings, waterproof materials, chemical industry, ceramics, refractories and other industries. (this equipment has double outlet, two packaging methods)

Equipment advantage: 

Our company can customize mixers of different specifications and materials according to the needs of different users. The machine can customize stainless steel double outlet for customers. Other types and accessories can be customized according to the needs or drawings. The equipment can meet two different packaging methods, for a variety of operations, which is our company's flexible manufacturing characteristics.

Advantages of computer metering equipment:

1. The operation is simple, the equipment only needs 1~2 workers, and the production efficiency is high.

2. The equipment covers a small area, has a strong integration of installation, superior performance of various components, long maintenance period of the main components, so that you can use without worries!

3. Stable performance and long service life.

Working principle:

The inner and outer spiral belts move the material to both sides, the outer spiral belts move the material from both sides to the inside, so that the material is mixed back and forth, and the other part of the material is pushed down the spiral belts and moves along the axis and radial direction, thus forming a convective circulation. As a result of the above-mentioned movement of agitation, materials in a relatively short period of time to obtain rapid and uniform mixing, is the production of various dry powder, putty powder, mortar, ceramic tile adhesive best equipment.

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